Barrels to liters oil conversion sheet

Barrels conversion

Barrels to liters oil conversion sheet

This sheet was compiled based on several other useful fact sheets and sheet online. Unit Conversion sheet Factors. Energy industry conversions 1 cubic inch = 16. Metric Tons per Year. Useful Conversion Factors. Barrels ( Oil) : A barrel is one of several units of volume included fluid barrels ( UK beer barrel dry barrels, US beer barrel), oil barrel etc.
Since medieval times the size of barrel has been used with different meanings around Europe from about 100 liters to above 1000 in special cases. 2898 American barrels. Barrels to liters oil conversion sheet. 506 Gbbl/ yr = 238 bbl/ sec. Check out our Conversion Software for sheet Windows. Language Metric Conversion > Metric Converter > Volume Converter > Liters Conversion > Liters to US Barrels ( Oil). Fluid barrels to cubic feet ( bbl to ft3) volume conversion table shows the most common values for the quick liters reference.
To convert from barrels to gallons multiply the number of sheet fluid barrels by 31. Barrels of oil ( bbl) X. This factor is intended to provide an approximation that can be used when the exact factor is unknown. All steel tools sheet conversion tables metal weight calculators in one place. liters 1 cubic meter = 6. 0 PJ = 1 million tonnes sheet of coal equivalent 41. For example to find out how many gallons there are in a fluid barrel , a half multiply 1. liters ( l) [ 1] This conversion can range from 6.

BP Conversion Factors:. Also find conversion for Middle East currencies. 9 depending on the type of crude oil. Can' t find something? Energy Unit Conversion. = Cubic meters ( m3) Barrels of liters oil equivalent ( boe) X. Please note that oil barrels and fluid barrels ( beer etc) are different measurement units. You also can convert 101780 Barrels ( Oil) to other Space ( popular) units.
6 Joules ( J) 1 MJ = sheet 10 6 J 1 GJ = 10 9 J 1 TJ = 10 12 J 1 PJ = 10 15 J 29. Liters to US Barrels ( Oil) ( L to US bbl oil) conversion calculator for Volume conversions with additional tables and formulas. Many different liquid and dry volume conversions. 868 PJ = 1 million tonnes of oil equivalent 3. Calculates steel weights hardness, force, torque sheet energy. barrels of oil ( bbl) X.

935 barrels of oil equivalent. 289 barrels 1 barrel = 159 liters. Oil Volume Conversions. Try liters the Fun Stuff. 60 MJ sheet = 1 kilowatt- hour ( kWh) 1 barrel condensate = 0. 1 barrel oil ( bbl oil) = 158.
14 million metric tons oil equivalent. 25 US fluid gallons in 1. This calculator provides conversion of sheet liters to oil barrels and backwards ( bbl to l). 101780 barrel = L. Liters ( l) [ 1] This conversion can range from 6.
’ 05 US Oil Use = 20. 387 cubic centimeters 1 kiloliter = 1, 000 liters = 6. Convert 101780 Barrels ( Oil) to Liters ( barrel to L) with our conversion calculator and conversion tables. Convert Barrels of Oil to Cubic Inches Easy bbl to cu in conversion. 5 oil barrels by 42 the dry barrels by 26.

Alternatively, you may use the converter to convert any other values. Barrels to liters oil conversion sheet. From Barrels of Oil Cubic Centimeters Cubic Feet Cubic Inches Cubic Meters Cups Gallons Imperial Gallons Imperial Pints Liters Milliliters Ounces Pints Quarts Tablespoons Teaspoons Liter ( l) is a unit of liters Volume used in Metric system. Barrel Oil ( bbl oil) is a unit liters of Volume used in Standard system. Was this site helpful? Conversion Calculator.

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Online Conversion is a resource for weights, measures, calculators, converters. To convert from barrels to liters multiply the number of fluid barrels by 119. 2, oil barrels by 159 and the dry barrels by 163. For example, to find out how many liters there are in a fluid barrel and a half, multiply 1. 2 that makes 178.

barrels to liters oil conversion sheet

USEFUL STUFF - UNITS OF MEASUREMENT and CONVERSION FACTORS:. liters of crude oil: barrels ( crude oil) x : 0. 136 = metric tons of crude oil:.